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Crown Automotive Group

we have found this to be an exceptional relationship, from an account support standpoint, from a technology standpoint and from an end result standpoint, that we get what we pay for here.

  Mike Cooley
Chief Information Officer
Crown Cars

Mike Cooley - Crown Cars

Mike Cooley with the Crown Automotive Group shares his success with reputation management. Specifically Mike addresses the importance of a well honed reputation management strategy and the positive impact it has had on the groups sales and service business as well as their customer relationships.

Mike goes on to share insights on how to handle negative reviews and turn them into positive assets that instill confidence and the desire with new customers coming into the dealership to do business. Mike touches on the character of the groups relationship with eXtéres and how much of a part of the dealership fabric eXtéres reputation solution and support team has become on a day to day basis.

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Germain Lincoln

eXtéres is like having an added employee for us... eXtéres, you feel like they are working right at your dealership.

  Leslie Sass
General Manager
Germain Lincoln

Leslie Sass - Germain Lincoln

Leslie Sass at Germain Lincoln in Naples Florida discusses the eXtéres reputation management program and covers various topics such as the positive impact of the program on their manufacturer's surveys as well as ranking as one of the top two dealerships, the other also being an eXtéres client, in her zone for reputation score and customer satisfaction.

Leslie continues to describe the working relationship with eXtéres as like having an added employee with an office right in the dealership.

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Crown Hyundai

the support we receive from eXtéres is unbelievable, I mean daily emails, they'll actually give us a call if there's something we need to get after...

General Manager
Crown Hyundai

G.R. Tar - Crown Hyundai

With a steady return of about 200 new positive reviews a month, Crown Hyundai is one of eXtéres highest performing dealerships in terms of online reputation.

With 4.9 stars on Google with 2,970 reviews and 4.9 stars on Dealerrater with 1,970 reviews and 5.0 stars on with 909 reviews, Crown Hyundai illustrates the success dealerships can achieve when implementing the right reputation management strategy.

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